Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The F1 Race-High Speed Motor racing

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The F1 Race is the highest class of motor racing. The governing body is Federation Internationale de l' Automobile or the FIA as it is popularly called. The actual race is termed as the Grand Prix. It is a major event. Though Europe is the head quarters f this phenomenal race; today many countries host this grand event. United states, Canada, Bahrain, China, Malaysia and turkey are some of the countries.

The F1 Race is a high speed affair. The actual race is held on specially designed tracks known as circuits. The speedometer often climbs above 320km/hr. The F1 Race is an expensive program. From custom made cars to technicians and technology all are state of the art. Sponsors are usually high profile people who are ready to invest a great deal of money. Winning the Grand Prix Title is no mean feat. It requires team effort. Right from the person catering to the car after a stopover to the person who is actually driving the car. Everybody needs to work together to make this thing work. Formula is the set of rules and conditions that must be met with by the participants and the vehicle. The very title is suggestive of the high aim The F1 Race sets.

It is the very best in motor car racing. High speed turns and a stipulated amount of laps with stopovers that is formula one racing in a nutshell. The cars are specially designed to withstand the wear and tear that comes with such high speed racing. Electronics, aerodynamics, suspension and tires are the other factors which determine the performance of the car. Equipped with special technology the cars are driven according to the instructions given by a person of the team. He observes the activity on the track and accordingly guides the driver. The rest is on the driver's instinct. The stopovers provided at specific locations are where the car is serviced. The tires are changed and in general the car is refreshed. Renewed the car hits the tracks to win The F1 Race.

Though entertaining and thrilling The F1 Race is fatal and dangerous.

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